Jean-Pierre Noisillier


For more than 25 years, the photographer Jean-Pierre NOISILLIER has travelled the world and particularly the Alps, in order to achieve his spectacular images.
One peculiarity is to carry out super-panoramas from the air at 6,000 m altitude of the biggest ski areas in the world. Working in tourism for the advertisements of the biggest tour operators, his images are published by many national and international magazines.
  During the International Mountain Festival in Chambery (France) in 2006, after a unanimous vote of the public, he received the trophy "Best Mountain Photographer" recognizing him as a talent appreciated by everyone.
The photographer has always affirmed his willingness to make every effort to offer products of exceptional quality: innovation in the formats and shooting, printing on best papers and high quality inks...
Moreover, he has been certified DIGIGRAPHY by the company EPSON, allowing him to carry out numbered prints of art with the highest quality standards. He thus became the first DIGIGRAPHY mountain photographer.
In 2005, he founded the publishing house Les Editions du Clair-Obscur, in order to propose his images to the general public in the form of posters, prints and digital paintings.

Fred Bernard

FRED BERNARD SKISkier and mountaineer, he has been discovering the mountains since his childhood. His passion quickly takes him to world’s highest summits throughout the world. Prior to becoming a professional IFMGA mountain guide and certified ski and mountain bike instructor, he began his photo career in front of the camera, skiing and modeling for Jean-Pierre NOISILLIER. Then came his work behind the scenes, ensuring the technical safety of crews on photo and video shoots in the mountains. These experiences put him in the heart of the action, allowing him to shadow the pros, shooting with his Compact, playing with light and seeing the mountains from a refreshing perspective.  His Compact has been swapped for a Reflex and there is no looking back! The time spent mountain guiding has given him a precious gift: knowledge of how light reaches and exposes the mountain faces and ridges. Shooting photos is a way to share his passion for the mountains…with each cliché, a little piece of every mountain finds its way to the valley.

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